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Hot Wheels SIzzlers

Posted on: April 30th, 2011 by 8 Comments

My son filming his hot wheels sizzler track. One of the best products Hot Wheels came out with. In my opinion more fun than the slot car sets and hot wheel stunt tracks that are on the market. Has a battery charger that looks like a gas station pump which plugs right into each car. After about a minute they are ready to go. The cars are very fast and can be played with on or off the track. The track is a better controlled environment and they make a great sound as they whizz around the track. As a parent, I highly recommend this toy for your kids. They will never grow tired of it! Thanks, JT
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Hot Wheels Sizzlers Power Pit with 1970 MustangHot Wheels Sizzlers Power Pit with 1970 MustangHot Wheels Sizzlers Power Pit with 1970 Mustang 1:64 Scale Collectible Die Cast Car Model
Hot Wheels Mattel Sizzlers Batter-Powered Recharger Juice MachineHot Wheels Mattel Sizzlers Batter-Powered Recharger Juice MachineHot Wheels goes retro with these re-issues of the 1970's Sizzlers line! This line is one the unque stages in the vast and interesting history of the Hot Wheels line and is now offered again for a limited time.
Hot Wheels Sizzlers Giant "O" Race Play Set "Fat Track"Hot Wheels Sizzlers Giant "O" Race Play Set "Fat Track"This is a brand new mint, factory sealed Sizzlers set containing 1 car, 1 juice machine, 16 feet of track, curves, connectors. After a 90 second charge, the car will run Fast Fast Fast around the track for several mins. Needs 2-4 D cells
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8 Responses

  1. sharikmarius says:

    Back when having fun didn’t involve a virtual environment.

    I use to have Nightmare Alley as a kid, and I spent HOURS playing with it!

  2. k1120d says:


  3. joe00alien says:

    Great video! Every race is diffferent! Want to see what it is like behind the wheel of a Sizzler?Checkout my joe00alien channel!

  4. MRJACKSON19581 says:

    race the cars in the othe direction they will run better..comin out of the curves

  5. berg891832 says:

    Awesome toy. I remember we called charging the car with the battery “Juicing” it up.

  6. bulldog0818 says:


  7. waupfoo says:

    Sizzlers are awesome and so fun!

  8. 999trajad says:

    cool cool cool cool cool cool

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